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Brumbies want ANZAC Day

  • Brumbies want ANZAC Day

ACT Brumby Nic White says it is important for the Super Rugby to embrace the ANZAC Day spirit ahead of the grand final rematch against the Waikato Chiefs at Canberra Stadium tomorrow tonight.

The Brumbies will play in Super Rugby’s first game on the special day in Canberra with a New Zealand team.

White said he would happily see a permanent ANZAC Day fixture to commemorate one of the most important values in our culture of mateship and working together as a community.

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“The AFL has been doing it for a number of years now and it’s only fitting that we come on board and have a game ourselves,” said White.

“It’s not so much about copying them [the AFL and NRL] and having a code rivalry with them, it’s about fitting in with ANZAC Day. The armed services play a lot of rugby and we’ve trained out at Duntroon in the past, so it just makes sense.”

His comments follow a Brumbies’ submission to SANZAR last week to formalise a permanent ANZAC Day fixture with a New Zealand team in Canberra in a bid to boost interest in the game while embracing the spirit on the historical date.

The AFL and NRL have adopted the same cause with traditional rivals for many years now, and White said given so many Australian and New Zealand sportsmen have links to the day, it would be a great idea.

“Players starting the day here at the War Memorial with the ANZAC Day service followed by the should happen.”

Scheduling such an event could be nightmarish for SANZAR given they have teams from three countries to draw at the same time as battling with rival football codes for dates and venues.

But White said as long as they could get one Australian team playing one New Zealand team on the day, it would do the game a good deed.

Tomorrow's game will also feature multiple ‘two-up’ locations around Canberra Stadium, the band of the Royal Military College, and the four living Victoria Cross holders. 

So what are your thoughts Super Rugby fans?

Should Super Rugby cement a regular ANZAC Day fixture between an Australian and New Zealand club?

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