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Credit from round five

  • Credit from round five

Credit from the last round must be given to ACT Brumbies management, who passed on a $700 door repair bill to the NSW Waratahs on Monday.

The door was damaged by a frustrated NSW coach in Michael Cheika, who smashed the glass whilst storming out of the visitors coaches box at Canberra Stadium last Saturday night.

It is understood he became extremely frustrated with his side getting dominated over at the scrum, and let loose at such an incident in the final minute of play.

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On Monday Canberra Stadium officials calculated the damage bill and passed it on to the Brumbies, whom were hosting the game and are therefore legally responsible.

But the club also has the legal right to pass such bills onto perpetraters, and on this occassion did.

Good on them. This sort of behaviour should not be on display from coaches, and they should be held to account.

Any comments on the matter are welcome. Fans Unite also seeks the opinion of the fans!

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